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Amazon's latest crop of Echo deals take as much as 50% off

Whether you're all-in on Alexa devices or just getting started with your first smart speaker, it's always worth checking out Amazon's latest Echo deals to see if you can make a saving. Right now, Amazon is offering some stellar discounts across a range of its first-party hardware including devices like the latest Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and more. Prices have been slashed by as much as 50% there, though the deals won't last for long. Smart speaker options on sale include both the 3rd Gen Echo Dot and 4th Gen Echo Dot which start as low as $25 . These speakers may be diminutive but still pack a punch when it comes to volume and smart capabilities, and their minute form factors make them ideal for, erm, dotting around your home. Another notable price drop in this sale is on the 4th Gen Amazon Echo. The latest full-size Echo has only been available since the fall but you can get one at a 30% discount right now. At $69.99, this is a match for its holiday 2020 pricing

These are the best Amazon Alexa Skills for your Echo or Fire device

Alexa Skills are like apps that make your Amazon Echo and Fire devices more powerful. The best Alexa Skills News and Entertainment Health and Fitness Food Productivity Smart Home Build Your Own If you have ever owned an Amazon Echo smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled devices, you're already familiar with the basic vocal commands that you can issue to Alexa and what the virtual assistant can do for you. You know that you can use Alexa to play music, get news bulletins and updates, control your smart home devices, and even set timers and reminders. However, while you may have heard about Alexa Skills, you may not really know how powerful they can be. Historically, it has been challenging to wade through the thousands of Alexa Skills to find useful ones, and even more difficult to remember which skills you'd already enabled... We've taken a lot of the guesswork out of finding great Alexa Skills and compiled them into this list for your quick and easy reference. T

Grab an Echo Auto with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $20

Good audio player; great music service. There are a ton of great deals going on right now for Prime Day 2020 , but not all of them are as much of an impulse buy as this Echo Auto and Amazon Music Unlimited deal is. You see, the Echo Auto normally retails for $50 itself, so right away, you're getting an Alexa-enabled device for more than half-off — not too shabby! But the real steal here is the six months of the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service thrown in for free! For non-Prime members, six months of Amazon Music Unlimited would cost over $60, and even if you're a Prime member, you're looking at almost $50 for six months or around $80 for 12 months. That alone pays for this deal multiple times over! Along for the ride Amazon Echo Auto with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited $20 at Amazon Alexa is your copilot The Echo Auto brings Alexa functionality to any car, and this deal throws in one of the best deals in streaming with six months of free access to Am

How to use an Echo Show with Ring's Doorbell to see who's at the door

Source: Android Central The Ring Doorbell and Amazon's Echo Show are a match made in heaven. The Ring Doorbell offers a smart doorbell experience that'll let you know exactly who's at the door without having actually to answer it. You can then use that cross-functionality to manage visitors by viewing them through the Ring Doorbell's camera and communicating with them using the Show's microphone. Thanks to Amazon Alexa, you don't even have to use your hands. How to connect your Ring Doorbell with Amazon Echo Show Connecting your Ring Doorbell with your Amazon Echo Show is easy. It'll just involve adding the Ring Alexa skill through the Amazon Alexa smartphone app. Here's how: Open the Amazon  Alexa app . Tap the  three lines in the upper left-hand corner  of the app to open the side menu. Tap  Skills & Games . Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central On this screen,  tap the search button  in the upper right-hand corner. Type  "Ring"  and