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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Details Emerge

  The first batch of credible data release Samsung Galaxy S6 today have emerged just weeks after Samsung launched the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 4 Edge and several months after the company delivered its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 . In April, Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 monitoring in the form of the S5 Galaxy , a device that has one of the best screens of smartphones in the market, a new plastic design , a faster processor , better TouchWiz camera and software, and more . While the Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones of the year , the device has not been able to pull the mobile division of Samsung fledgeling . Weeks ago , the company announced two new smartphones on the edge of the galaxy note Galaxy Note 4 and two large screen devices that complement the Galaxy S5 this holiday shopping season . This line of smartphones should maintain through the beginning of the year , althoug

Apple introduces new iPhones, SmartWatch, software

    For the first time in years, Apple iPhones were not the star of the show . Apple released a SmartWatch Tuesday, a portable device that marks the first major entry of the company into a new product category since the debut of the iPad in 2010 .   The move is significant due to recent questions about whether Apple still has the ability to innovate after the death of 2,011 co -founder Steve Jobs. The introduction of two new device eclipsed the iPhones , larger company that does not quite have larger screens ; they will have a new landscape mode to take advantage of the larger screen . The iPhone 6 will have a screen that measures 4.7 inches , while the iPhone 6 Plus will be 5.5 inches. In both cases, application developers can design applications that can be viewed differently when the phone is horizontal. Apple also introduced a system to use the phone to make credit card payments in retail stores . Apple is tu