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Want an Oculus Quest 2? Here's where to buy one!

From the headset to all the official accessories, here's every link you need. Facebook kept the Oculus Quest 2 tightly under wraps until about mid-August when the floodgates opened, and leaks started appearing on the web. Facebook officially announced the Oculus Quest at Facebook Connect on September 16, 2020. The Oculus Quest 2 represents a major step forward for wireless VR, as we've pointed out in our Oculus Quest 2 review . It features substantially improved performance and graphics over the original Oculus Quest, adds in more RAM, a 50% higher resolution display , 3D audio , additional storage options , and even better ergonomics for the headset and controllers. The Oculus Quest 2 with 64GB of storage retails for $299, while the model with 256GB of storage retails for $399. Neither model supports expandable storage, so make sure you grab the bigger one if you like to install a lot of games at once. Here's where to buy the Oculus Quest 2 All the accessories yo

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