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Best Oculus Quest 2 head strap & Elite Strap alternatives 2022

Kiwi Quest 2 Elite Strap Adjust (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

For the very best VR experience, you might want to consider upgrading to one of the best Oculus Quest 2 head strap alternatives. After all, the default Meta Quest 2 fabric strap has more cons than pros. It's easy to slide on and off, but it absorbs sweat and germs and does nothing to counterbalance the front-heavy design or add cushioning. You can buy the official Elite Strap, but it's a bit pricey and has had plenty of issues with durability. Thankfully, a few third-party straps offer a much more "elite" alternative. Whether you're looking for more cushioning, a more secure fit, better weight distribution, or other improvements, these are the best Quest 2 straps available.

Best overall: KIWI Quest 2 elite strap

KIWI Quest 2 elite strap
Better than the official one

view at amazon

Reasons to buy

+Easily removable and washable padding

+Extremely comfortable

+Better distributes the weight of the headset

+Secondary hinge allows for granular angle adjustment

+Most headphones fit

+Stronger construction than the official Elite Strap

Reasons to avoid

-Some very large over-ear headphones might not fit

KIWI's Quest 2 elite strap takes some design cues from the failed official Elite Strap from Oculus and improves them in meaningful ways. First off, the construction of KIWI's elite strap is much sturdier than the one from Oculus. In addition, the plastic is thicker without feeling heavier, and the strap itself is quite a bit thicker. The official Elite strap had durability issues, while KIWI built its strap to withstand much more tension.
Plenty of padding on the top and back helps cushion and better distribute the headset's weight, helping to put more weight on the back of the head and relieving the weight off of the cheekbones. The removable pad on the back is made of the same PU-leather material that many face pads are — including the one above — and can be easily wiped down or swapped out at will. It also can be adjusted to cradle the back of the cranium or sit further up, depending on your comfort.
The KIWI elite strap adjusts in two main places. First, the wheel on the back of the head rotates to adjust the length of the straps, making it effortless to put on and remove. Secondly, the padded strap up top helps vertically adjust where the pad sits at the back of the skull, working in conjunction with the middle strap hinge to better fit all sorts of head shapes and sizes.
You'll also appreciate that the design leaves more room for Quest 2 over-ear headphones than the default Elite Strap. And its hinged design allows you to find the perfect vertical angle from your eyes to the Quest 2's lenses.
KIWI makes your favorite Quest 2 mods for the back and front of the Quest 2. You'll want to pair the strap with the KIWI facial interface replacement, our top pick among the best Quest 2 face covers for fixing the headset's uncomfortable foam interface.

Best for tinkerers: Glistco Frankenquest Deluxe Audio Strap

Glistco Frankenquest Deluxe Audio Strap
When only the best will do

view at amazon

Reasons to buy

+The undisputed champion for comfort

+Design adapts to most head sizes

+Comes with built-in headphones

+Strap will likely be modded to work with the next Quest too

Reasons to avoid

-Very expensive

-Doesn't match Quest 2 color

-Requires modding to work

The Frankenquest, as the name might imply, mashes together different, unrelated products into one magnificent outcome. Taking the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap — arguably one of the most comfortable VR accessories ever — and a 3D printed accessory that snaps to the Quest 2, the Frankenquest head strap is the single best solution you'll find anywhere. Just make sure you buy both the Deluxe Audio Strap and the Frankenquest adapter, as you'll need both to complete the package.
The modded Quest 2 Frankenquest will make you question why every other VR headset isn't so darn comfortable. Like the Elite Strap, the Vive Deluxe is much more balanced than the standard Quest 2, tightening with an adjustment knob to fit your head size without forcing you to press the headset too tightly against your skin or leave a large nose gap. Unlike the Elite Strap, it sports built-in headphones that sit just on the outside of your ears, easily adjustable to fit different ear heights and sizes. That saves you from buying separate headphones or worrying about dangling cables.
Unfortunately, the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and Quest 2 adapter combine to be very expensive, about the same as the Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case bundle but without the benefit of extra battery life. Also, while the adapter comes in a dozen colors, the Vive strap is black only, which may not "go" with the white Quest 2. If either is a deal-breaker for you, don't worry. The other best Quest 2 straps are cheaper, have better color options, and don't require as much modding to work.

Best for large heads: Eyglo Elite Strap

Eyglo Elite Strap
Cradle your cranium

view at amazon

Reasons to buy

+Provides similar benefits to Elite Strap

+Affordable replacement

+Fits any head size

+Removable foam for cleaning

Reasons to avoid

-May block over-ear headphones

-Foam may get sweaty

The Eyglo Elite Strap is an affordable alternative to the Quest 2 Elite Strap with a unique design that caters to folks with large heads. Anyone who frequently gets headaches from the Quest 2 foam pushing into your forehead will appreciate a strap that treats big skulls as the default. Eyglo even sells the headset in small, medium, and large sizes, so folks with regular-sized heads can still enjoy a discounted "elite" experience.
Like the Elite Strap, the Eyglo Elite Strap adds far more support to the back of your head, cradling it with soft PU-leather foam. However, because it uses foam instead of the Elite Strap's leather, it's more likely to absorb sweat and get dirty; thankfully, the foam attaches to the plastic back via velcro, so you can easily remove and clean it. Also, like the Elite Strap, it has an adjustable knob on the back that opens wider than any human head in existence, so you can easily slip in and tighten it to match your size.
Like most Elite Strap replacements, it requires you to take your Quest 2 apart to install it, but it should be worth the improvement. We'll note that unless you angle the strap to sit higher on your head, the sides sit very close to your ear, so you may have difficulty wearing your favorite over-the-ear headphones. Anyone with earbuds should be fine, of course.

Best cloth strap upgrade: VR Cover Headstrap Replacement

VR Cover Headstrap Replacement
Subtle-yet-significant upgrade

view at amazon

Reasons to buy

+Adds a second back strap for better weight placement and grip

+Thicker than stock straps+Straps can be wiped or washed

+Comes with long strap for larger head

+Half the price of Elite Strap

Reasons to avoid

-Missing the perks of an Elite Strap

-Canvas will absorb sweat

Anyone looking for a replacement strap will likely turn away from VR Cover's canvas strap, which looks similar to the stock Oculus strap (pictured above). But it's not a one-to-one replacement: it has two back straps cradling the top and bottom of the head, giving you a much more balanced and supported fit. You'll connect a T-strap with either a short or long strap, giving folks with large heads a better option that won't feel so tight. Overall, it's much better thought out than what Oculus provided out of the box.
Selling at a slightly lower price than most Elite Strap replacements, the VR Cover model provides some benefits that a larger, more rigid Elite Strap won't. One, it'll actually fit inside most of the best Oculus Quest 2 cases, whereas Elite Straps take up extra room and require a special case. Two, it lets you slide on or remove your Quest 2 much more quickly once you've found your proper setting; with the Elite Strap and its imitators, you'll have to carefully loosen and tighten the knob every time. And three, it doesn't add weight to the headset.
Of course, a soft canvas Quest 2 strap won't provide the same firm structure as an Elite; and while it can be wiped down, it'll still collect sweat rather than repelling it. But these small downsides shouldn't stop you from investing in this upgrade. But don't stop there: the best Quest 2 VR Cover accessories are all high-quality and will upgrade more than just your strap.

Best Elite Strap imitation: VOKOO Head Strap

VOKOO Head Strap
Better than the OG strap

view at amazon

Reasons to buy

+Similar design to Elite Strap

+Reasonably priced

+Leather can be removed and washed

Reasons to avoid

-Leather foam will require frequent cleaning

-May not fit larger heads

The Elite Strap doesn't sell out as often as it used to, nor do they break as often as they did right after the Quest 2 launch. But if it does run out of stock again and you want to try a third-party alternative with similar perks at a slight discount, consider the VOKOO head strap.
Like the Elite Strap, it has a sturdy plastic back with an adjustable knob that'll better distribute the headset's weight and gives you a sturdier fit, plus an improved overhead strap over the stock strap. It has PU leather pads instead of rubber along the back of the strap, but these can be removed and washed. You'll find it comfortable to wear for long periods.


Best Elite Strap Battery alternative: VR Power 2 for Oculus Quest 2

VR Power 2 for Oculus Quest 2
Fixing the Quest 2's shortcomings

view at Amazon

Reasons to buy

+Gives you 8 to 10 hours per charge
+Attaches easily to almost any strap
+Acts as natural counterweight
+Better weight and charge efficiency than VR Power 1
+Costs less than Elite Strap with Battery

Reasons to avoid

-Fits less well on Elite Straps than stock strap-
-Can feel heavy on back of head

Okay, this isn't technically a strap, but it's worth mentioning here. Many people buy the Elite Strap with Battery to double or triple the headset's notoriously short battery life, rather than caring as much about the change in comfort. But if you want an alternative to the Elite Strap that costs less while offering more battery life, consider Rebuff Reality's VR Power 2 accessory.
Weighing 0.62 pounds, the VR Power 2 acts as a counterweight that naturally balances the front-heavy weight of the headset. With 10,000mAh of juice, it offers more than double the 4,676mAh Elite Strap with Battery capacity. That should add up to give you true all-day battery capacity if you have the time and VR legs to handle it. Even if you don't typically play that long, you'll no longer have to charge your headset obsessively after every session; the battery displays its current power capacity on the outside, so you know when to recharge it.
VR Power 2 straps onto the back of your standard Quest 2 strap, but Rebuff Reality designed its straps to have extra give to fit onto larger straps like the Elite Strap or (in theory) most of the best Quest 2 straps. It sits on the back of your head above the strap, resting comfortably thanks to the padding on the inside of the battery. If you're moving quickly for exercise apps, you may not appreciate the extra weight. However, for more slow-paced apps, it could be just what you're looking for.
Bottom line
While the cloth strap that ships with the Quest 2 might be considered good enough to start with, gamers who play a lot in VR will find that it leaves a bit to be desired. Particularly if you're a power user that plays the best Quest 2 games for hours at a time or wants to use a mouse and keyboard in VR. The headset is just too front-heavy to be comfortable for long.
The best Quest 2 headstrap alternative, the KIWI Elite Strap, is also pretty simple to install. It provides incredible comfort thanks to a bevy of pads all around the strap — all of which are removable and washable — and the double adjustment hinge ensures the strap won't snap, unlike the official Elite Strap. If you prefer to tinker, the Frankenquest mod will add in a pair of quality headphones to the deal without much fuss thanks to the timeless design of the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.
Among the best Quest 2 accessories, the KIWI elite strap is a must-buy for anyone who wants a more comfortable, immersive VR experience.

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