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Could a Weber iGrill 3 help up your grilling game?

Best answer: Yes, the Weber iGrill 3 is a great grilling gadget that can monitor the temperature of up to four cuts of meat and will send notifications straight to your phone when food is ready to be served. Why should you buy a Weber iGrill 3 for your Weber BBQ? Have you ever taken your steak off the grill only to discover that it's still rare instead of medium leaving you no choice but to throw it back on? We've all been there, but it's a scenario that's best avoided. It's why smart grilling tools like the Weber iGrill 3 were created in the first place—to take some of the uncertainty out of the grilling process and give you accurate temperature reads. If you already own a Weber Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill, the Weber iGrill 3 is one of the best BBQ and grilling accessories you can get. It'll mount right into your grill so it doesn't take up any extra space, and because it's Bluetooth-enabled all you have to do is pair your phone with the iGr