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Save %26 on Security Camera Outdoor, 1080P WiFi Surveillance Camera for Home Security

Security Camera Outdoor, 1080P WiFi Surveillance Camera for Home Security, with Night Vision, 8X Digital Zoom, A.I. Motion Detection, Instant Alert, IP66 Waterproof, 2-Way Audio, Cloud Storage/SD Card List Price: $39.99 | Price: $29.74 Buy Now AI Human Motion Detection with Real-time Alert; NETVUE security camera outdoor can upload snapshots and videos, supporting customized motion detection zones and real-time motion alert via APP; motion sensibility adjustment and accurate motion detection make less false alarm; AI detection aims to effectively avoid "false alarms" caused by pets, wind or leaves, and to remind more accurately; If human face detected in the video, NETVUE App will alert you immediately 1080P Outdoor Camera with FHD Night Vision; NETVUE outdoor security camera wireless with a motion sensor camera provides rather clear recordings to protect your families¡¯ security; You can watch remotely in rea

Ring Outdoor Smart Plug review: Out with the old, in with Ring's latest

Short cord, long-range. If you're a homeowner, you undoubtedly have some outdoor lighting that's on a regular schedule. Whether it's a fancy porch or deck lighting, or just seasonal holiday lighting at Christmas time, there are plenty of reasons to have an outdoor outlet timer for your lights. While the good old rotating push-button timers have been a staple of homeownership for decades, Ring aims to replace the old faithful with something a little more technically proficient. You won't even need a Ring Protect Plan to use it. The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug does exactly what you assume it would. An outdoor-rated weatherproof box dons two remote-controllable and programmable outlets and a local wireless connection to a Ring Smart Lighting bridge — both a positive and a negative attribute. While that Smart Lighting Bridge is an irritating additional purchase, it also provides a way to control your smart home devices still if your home's internet connection drops out.

Future-proof your home with the best Wi-Fi 6 routers

The best Wi-Fi 6 routers get us closer to 5G speeds at home. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) has arrived and promises to push Wi-Fi speeds over 10Gbps by combining 2.4GHz and wider 5GHz bands to provide a better experience and much larger coverage at home. The new Wi-Fi standard is becoming increasingly common in phones and laptops. Now is the right time to invest in one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market. What are the best Wi-Fi 6 routers? The Netgear Nighthawk RAX70 comes with everything that people expect out of a Wi-Fi 6 router with great AX6600 speeds, tri-band, eight streams, and 160MHz support. QoS by application and a great control app make this the best-balanced Wi-Fi 6 router around. The second best option is the Linksys MAX-STREAM Mesh Router, which is for people who don't necessarily need a mesh solution right now but may want to expand their network in the future. Mesh router solutions pair multiple "nodes" together to increase signal quality and speeds througho

Roku could soon enter the smart home market to challenge Google and Amazon

Roku wants to give its Smart TV platform a smart home upgrade. What you need to know Roku is reportedly planning to expand into the connected home market. Along with developing its own smart home products, the company is also looking to partner with existing smart home brands. Former Amazon executive Damir Skripic recently joined Roku as the Director of Product Management, Home Technologies. Streaming device maker Roku is looking to foray into the highly competitive connected home market, according to a report from Protocol . Roku had published a job listing for a "Director of Product Management, Home Technologies" earlier this year. While the listing has since been removed, it all but confirmed the company's plans of expanding into smart home technologies. The job description made it clear that applicants would have to "develop home technology product strategy" and "develop the company's product roadmap," among other responsibilities. Th

Create the ultimate home theater experience with these Android TV boxes

There are plenty of ways to stream content on your television, and if you get one of the best Android TV boxes, you can make sure that the experience is as fast, seamless, and enjoyable as possible. Android TV boxes allow you to instantly access all of your favorite video and music apps, along with some light games, without going out and buying a completely new TV. There are a few different options to choose from, with these being the best of the best. What are the best Android TV boxes? Our overall pick has to be the Chromecast with Google TV when it comes to the best Android TV boxes. In almost every regard, the new Chromecast is basically perfect. It has 4K HDR streaming with support for Dolby Vision/Atmos, a great remote that's easy-to-use, and comes in at an incredible price. The star of the show is the special Google TV software that's layered on top of Android TV, offering new features and an upgraded design that we think you'll love. If you aren't thrilled

Got an old Samsung phone laying around? Turn it into a smart home sensor!

At CES 2021 , Samsung introduced Galaxy Upcycle , which is a way to turn old Samsung smartphones that may be sitting on a shelf collecting dust into something useful that you can use with SmartThings. Currently, functionality is limited to a light sensor or a sound sensor. Some use cases include using SmartThings to turn on your smart lights when it gets dark (regardless of the time of day) or using an old smartphone as a baby monitor or broken glass alarm. To set up a Samsung phone as an upcycled sensor, you need a Galaxy-branded Samsung smartphone from 2018 or newer. Technically, you should also have a new Galaxy-branded smartphone to assist with setup, but there is a workaround for that (see step 8 below). Both phones need SmartThings and the latest software updates installed. So here's how to do it! How to turn your old Samsung smartphone into a smart sensor using SmartThings Open SmartThings . Tap the Hamburger menu on the left side. Tap SmartApps . Tap the three