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Here's all the machines in Horizon Forbidden West (that we know of so far)

New areas to explore and new machines to discover. One of the biggest, most beautiful games revealed during Sony's PS5 showcase The Future of Gaming was Horizon Forbidden West . This ambitious sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is being developed by Guerrilla Games, who are using the Decima engine and the newfound power of the PS5 to great lengths. It will no doubt become one of the best PS5 games when it releases. The world of Horizon Forbidden West is one of mystery and one of the highlights is the different kinds of machines that roam, fly, or swim through the world. As Aloy travels into what was the Western USA, she's going to discover plentiful machines, both new types and returning forms. Here's the full list of machines in Horizon Forbidden West that we know so far. Horzion Forbidden West Machines: Machine Classes Bristlebacks Clawstriders Chargers Shellsnappers Snapmaws Sunwings Tremortusks Unidentified Machine classes In the original Horizon Zero Dawn

These are the best controller skins you can get for your PS5 DualSense

Phones aren't the only pieces of tech that benefit from protective covers. Though the PS5 DualSense controller doesn't necessarily need a skin, there are plenty of reasons to get one. Maybe you want to get a better grip on your controller, or maybe you don't want that pristine white case getting all dirty. Maybe you just want a different color. Whatever the reason, you can pick up a fairly cheap controller skin for your DualSense . While they're all pretty similar, here are some of the best PS5 controller skins to fit your style and budget. Pleny of colors eXtremeRate PlayVital Guardian Edition Case for PS5 DualSense Staff Pick eXtremeRate's Guardian DualSense case is ergonomic and comfortable, featuring high-grade silicone and provides protection against bumps and scratches. There are over 10 different colors to choose from, and it comes with a set of thumb grips. $16 at Amazon Just the grips eXtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid PS5 DualSense Want to ha

The Last of Us Part 2 is now enhanced for PS5, targets 60FPS

The enhancement everyone was waiting for. What you need to know Sony has announced that The Last of Us Part 2 is now enhanced for PS5. The game now targets 60FPS on Sony's latest console. Players can toggle between a frame rate target of 30FPS or 60FPS, along with enhanced resolution, faster loading times, and more. The Last of Us Part 2 is about to run a whole lot better on PS5 . Naughty Dog's controversial entry to the acclaimed series has received a free patch today that improves performance on PS5, targeting up to 60FPS. Players have been asking for The Last of Us Part 2 to be enhanced on PS5 ever since the console came out in November, so it's nice to see it finally arrive. Digital Foundry has already analyzed the update and everything's looking really, really good. It might be time for a replay soon. The Last of Us Part 2 originally released back in June 2020 on the PS4, so if you haven't been able to buy a PS5 just yet, you can still enjoy th

Turn off auto-updates for games on PS5 with these easy steps

Sometimes it's better to wait before download the latest game patch Automatic game updates on PS5 can be useful, but there are also times you can get burned from leaving them on. Whether it's because your game closes and you lose your progress or the patch needs to be pulled because of unforeseen errors, you don't always want games to update without your approval automatically. Thankfully, learning how to turn off auto-updates on PS5 is simple, and you can toggle this setting on and off as much as you like. Let's get started! Go to Settings . (The top right gear icon) Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings . Select Automatic Updates . Toggle off Auto-Download . Toggle off Auto-Install in Rest Mode . Be aware that turning off update files for your system does not stop automatic game downloads. These are two separate settings. Turning off update files within your system software settings will only stop firmware updates from downloading until you manua

Game on the go with these PS5 travel accessories

Gaming has always been considered an at-home hobby, but many can't bear to be parted with their beloved consoles when heading out the door. So, if you're going on a trip with your PS5 in tow, it is important to protect your valuable cargo and be able to carry it around comfortably. Plus, you'll want to make sure you can play just about anywhere. To maximize your gaming experience on the road, you need the best travel accessories for your PS5. King of the hill Case Club PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station Staff Pick Why get multiple gadgets when one can do it all? The Case Club PS5 carry case is the jack of all trades when gaming on the go. Not only does it have a Full HD monitor, cooling fans, and speakers, but it's also waterproof and lockable. $700 at Amazon $700 at Case Club Handy and spacious USA Gear Console Travel Case This sturdy USA Gear travel bag transports your PS5 safe and sound wherever you go. It offers water and scratch resistance in a c

Should you buy Astro A40 TR or the Astro A50 for PS5?

Wired Astro A40 TR headset $150 at Amazon Pros Amazing audio Fabric earcups Astro Command Center customization software Mod kit-ready Cons MixAmp Pro requires a separate adapter on PS5 Headset clamp can be uncomfortable with glasses The Astro A40 TR isn't all too different from the A50. Setting itself apart with a wired connection and an optional MixAmp Pro, the Astro A40 is a great headset for PS5. Just don't forget you'll need an adapter for full MixAmp compatibility. Wireless Astro A50 headset $300 at Amazon Pros Impeccable audio quality Extremely comfortable Near-instant pairing Premium build Cons Needs separate adapter on PS5 Very expensive 15-hour battery life The Astro A50's 15-hour battery life hurts an otherwise wonderful headset. It still needs an HDMI adapter to work with PS5 fully, but you'll be treated to an exceptional audio experience that many consider the best in the business. Astro is one of the most well-res

PS5 DualSense controller is getting dazzling new color options next month

People can finally stop asking for a black controller now. What you need to know PlayStation has unveiled two new color options for its DualSense controller. The new color options feature Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. This new lineup of colors will be available worldwide starting next month. PlayStation has announced that its PS5 DualSense controller is getting a couple of new color options very soon. Midnight Black and Cosmic Red will hit retailers around the world starting next month. In a blog post that revealed the new colors, members of the design team spoke about how their goal is to always surprise and entice their fans, and these new colors were chosen from a variety of samples because of how well they complement each other. Both also feature a subtle blue hue that produces a unique shade of red and black, according to Satoshi Aoyagi. These new color options will of course still include the DualSense's signature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, whic

Sony expects PS5 shortage to continue into 2022 amid rumors of redesign

This isn't the news anyone wanted to hear, but it isn't surprising. What you need to know The PS5 has been incredibly difficult to buy since its release in November 2020. Sony stated in a private briefing that it expects supply shortages to continue into 2022. These comments come amid rumors that manufacturers are bracing for a PS5 redesign. The alleged internal redesign will supposedly feature a 6nm AMD chip as opposed to a 7nm AMD processor. Sony's PS5 has been an elusive console since its debut in November 2020, and the company expects that to continue. According to a Bloomberg report, Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said that despite an attempt to increase supply, demand is not waning and a console shortage will likely continue for at least several more months. These remarks were made in a private briefing following Sony's financial call in April. "I don't think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices a

The best wheels to take your PS4 & PS5 racing to the next level

If you're looking to get into console-based sim racing, then the PS4 and PS5 are strong places to be. Not only does Sony have a strong first-party title in Gran Turismo, but it's well supported by third-party offerings like F1 and Project Cars. To take your experience to the next level, a wheel is a sound investment, and the good news is that there are some really awesome choices for the PlayStation. This includes the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, which is the best option for most people. Best Overall: Thrustmaster T300 RS GT The T300 RS GT isn't the most expensive wheel, nor is it the most feature-packed or advanced when it comes to the tech inside. However, for most people, what it is is a fantastic all-rounder that balances all of these things. It's approachable for newcomers with an attractive price, yet still delivers a quality experience. It might be a Gran Turismo-branded product, but it's great for all racing games on PS4, PS5, and PC. The wheel rim its