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Bring some sunlight to your home!

how to get natural sunlight into a room with no windows

video by CNET

How to bring Harry Potter magic to your Facebook account

Quickly, Potterheads, to Facebook!

Wanna feel old? The first Harry Potter book was released 20 years ago today. Don't let that bum you out, though. In celebration of this anniversary, Facebook has turned a few of your favorite words into spells you and your friends can activate on both the app and the website.

Here's how it works!

Casting a Harry Potter spell on Facebook

Harry Potter spell on Facebook

YouTube launches streaming TV service

YouTube will soon offer a streaming TV service for people who don't want to pay for traditional cable. 

Google launched YouTube TV on Tuesday, which will cost $35 a month and offer access to content from broadcast networks as well as YouTube. 

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said people around the world watch one billion hours of YouTube content each day, and younger generations don't want to consume television through traditional channels. 

Wireless power transmission safely charges devices anywhere within a room

Wireless power transmission

A new method developed by Disney Research for wirelessly transmitting power throughout a room enables users to charge electronic devices as seamlessly as they now connect to WiFi hotspots, eliminating the need for electrical cords or charging cradles.

The researchers demonstrated their method, called quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR), inside a specially built 16-by-16-foot room at their lab. They safely generated near-field standing magnetic waves that filled the interior of the room, making it possible to power several cellphones, fans and lights simultaneously.

Enter your fetus a concert with vaginal sound system, Babypod

Enter your fetus a concert with vaginal sound system

some people will be born, others are gestated. Spanish Gynecology Clinic Institute Marquès, tap in the TRACE-music market with Babypod, a speaker, expectant mothers,

add it to your vaginas a la tampons to play songs for their unborn babies. 

Babypod connects to a smartphone and plays music directly into the vagina, this is the only way for a fetus to hear unmuffled sounds to the company. It is also more elegant than giant headphones wrapped, her belly.

Babypod was designed according to a study conducted by the Institute Marquès shown that fetuses can hear and respond to the sounds on 16 weeks. It is still discussing whether babies in the womb actually benefit from listening to your smartphone playlist, although babypod claimed device "stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and calls on their neural development." It may also encourage grooving and shake, but this is only a presumption.

Around christmas, singer Soraya Arnelas performed for an audience of pregnant women with baby pods. There is no word about whether they sang "Baby, it's cold outside."

source: engadget

Google confirmed further Android version won’t implement Oracle the proprietary Java APIs

Google confirmed further Android version won’t implement Oracle the proprietary Java APIs

Google replaced its implementation of the Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Android with OpenJDK, the open-source version of Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK).

The first news came from a "mysterious Android code base commit" from last month's Hacker News. Google confirmed that venture beat that Android N is alone on OpenJDK, but android of your own implementation of the Java APIs.

"As an open source platform that Android is based on the cooperation of the open source community," a Google spokesman said venture beat. "In our upcoming release of Android, we plan to move Android the Java language libraries to a OpenJDK-based approach, the establishment of a common code base for developers to create applications and services. Google has worked for a long time and contributed to the OpenJDK Community, and we look forward to even more contributions for the OpenJDK project in the future."

Android provides specific Java API libraries to support the development of applications in the Java programming language, divided in two parts: the APIs, libraries and the implementation of code developed by Google, the said libraries work. Oracle develops, the Java, has two implementations of these libraries: the proprietary JDK version and the open source OpenJDK version. Google is the decision to consolidate its efforts with OpenJDK, Android already uses in some areas, means it is the sharing of your implementation code.

The code commit in question shows 8902 files were changed significantly notes OpenJDK code has been added to Android:

  • Initial import of OpenJdk files.
  • Create new libcore/ojluni directory with src/main/java and src/main/native subdirectiories.
  • Build ojluni into core-oj jar.
  • Use openjdk classes from java.awt.font package.
  • Copy all files from jdk/src/share/classes and jdk/src/solaris/classes directories in openjdk into libcore/ojluni/src/main/java.
  • Copy following native files from openjdk to libcore/ojluni/src/main/native: [long list of files]

Google hopes that Android developers estimate the change because it simplifies the code on which you create applications - a common code base for these Java API libraries, in contrast to the multiple code bases. That may be true, but if this is the only reason Google made the complete switch, OpenJDK, the company had done years ago.

When we asked why Google now, the company pointed to the version of Java 8 in the last year and the introduction of new language features such as lambdas. As such, Google wants more resources in OpenJDK, where the team can have a major impact on the new features and improvements. That the developers Google pitching is in each case, but there is a massive legal narrative here that can not be forgotten.


Hacker News Users will rightly ask whether the code Commit means that the dispute between Oracle and Google has been settled out of court, or whether Google has decided to protect yourself with regard to future versions of Android in the event it loses. This is a good question, but since the Oracle application is still in progress, Google refused to comment whether this code commit is connected.

Following the acquisition of sun in January 2010, Oracle sued Google for copyright and patent infringement in August 2010, with the argument that Android can use of Java APIs without permission. Google countered by declaring that APIs is not copyright protected because they are essential to software development, cooperation and innovation.

In May 2012, a jury found that Google is not against the patents on Oracle Java APIs that are not protected by copyright. In May 2014, the Federal Circuit partially lifted the Land court decision, judgment in Oracle's favor: Java APIs can be protected by copyright. In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court went to hear the case and sent it back to a lower court so Google could argue that the appropriate use of Oracle's proprietary APIs.

Is it just a coincidence that after all the back-and-forth, Google has decided to fully embrace OpenJDK? Unlikely, but the result is what counts: future versions of Android is on OpenJDK, non-Oracle The proprietary JDK version.

Or so that the case is not a thing of the past (Google can not just change existing Android versions), and the final decision will still be observed very exactly as it would have a huge impact on the software development as a whole. If Oracle wins, tech giant could hold a lot of power over developer to create new software on the basis of existing applications and services. If Google wins, fair use laws could in essence Protection The use of APIs.


This is what Google Glass 2.0 looks like

Google Glass price

what is it?

Google is not done with Google Glass Not yet. Finally we have our first look at what the rebooted augmented reality glasses will look like. Spoiler warning: not very different.

The first images from Google Glass 2.0 published online with friendly permission of documents released to the Federal Communications Commission website.

The Augmented Reality glasses shown in the images are reportedly for the Google glass "Enterprise Edition", the rebooted version of glass made by Tony Fadell and his team.

Whereas the original Google glass "Explorer Edition" is aimed at the consumer, the Explorer Edition is designed to help at work. As already reported, the new version of Google glass has a larger glass prism, a faster Intel Atom Processor, 5 GHz WLAN for more bandwidth-intensive tasks such as Streaming video and a rugged and waterproof design.

the new version of Google glass has a larger glass prism

Look carefully and you can also see that there is a folding hinge, where the length of the wearable meets the glass prism. The hinge should make google glass easier to stow in the bag; the only way to save the old version was the supplied hard/soft case.

Clearly that is missing is any kind of wire model to keep the wearable cases from the face. A patent has been granted Google in Nov 24 shows a similar model wire-free version of glass with a wavy flexible design, but it is unclear whether they were the same thing, or if the design is for the rumored "Sport" model.

After 9UP5Google, hundreds of participants in the "glass-for-work" program are testing the device in the field, although Google has not yet officially announce the product.

Details are sparse, but one thing we pray not return with the next version of Google glass is a high price to pay. The original Google glass sold for $1,500 a pop. While this was supposed to be a "developers" product, Google eventually made it available to everyone and it was much too expensive for the majority of people even to consider the purchase.


NVIDIA's new shield tablet is like the old, but cheaper

NVIDIA's new shield tablet is like the old, but cheaper
NVIDIA shield tablet 

NVIDIA's first shield tablet was a device that almost everything right: 

the 8-inch slate had a sharp display is flanked by two speakers, a surprisingly precise integrated stylus and a powerful 192-core Kepler K1 processor. At the time it was simply the best games Android device on the market, and a pretty darn good Media Tablet start - but NVIDIA quietly put the shielding on the pasture earlier this year. The company is preparing for the start of a new, more powerful shield tablet? No: it is that of the same slate back on the market, albeit with a reduced, $199 price and less fuss.

At a glance the new NVIDIA shield tablet K1 is a dead ringer for its $299 predecessor with almost identical chassis with the same ports, buttons and layout camera. There were a few improvements: NVIDIA replaces the shiny black font on the shield logo with brushed metal sign and the new tablet speakers are with rubberized grip surface. In fact, the only difference between the old and the new is screen tablet What is still missing.

If you select the check box for the NVIDIA shield tablet K1, they are presented only with the tablet and nothing else. No battery charger, no microUSB cable and no integrated stylus. NVIDIA told us the exclusions were part of the company are the efforts to reduce costs: Most consumers already have a tablet or mobile phone charger are around the house. Exit from the K1's box allows you to slash a few dollars from the total price. It is not a bad move, but you could catch a few unsuspecting consumers off guard. What is the pin? NVIDIA says the new tablet is still compatible with the shield direct pin 2, but now it is only available as an accessory. I spent some time with the K1 and confirmed that it works exactly as it is on the original Tablet - but it is no longer a slot in the cover of the chassis to hold the pen.

The people who already have a separate plate tablet have no reason for an upgrade to the K1, but new buyers may want to take a look. It is more than just a game device, it is a competitive Tablet in its own right -- and still lives up to every word that we wrote about the original in the last year. Well, almost every word: the K1 is only in a single configuration: a wifi model with 16GB internal memory (expandable to 128 GB via MicroSD). If you are a slate with LTE, look elsewhere.

NVIDIA Shield specs


  • Game format Downloadable, Built-in game(s)
  • Screen size 5 inches
  • Touchscreen Capacitive [finger]
  • Online features Multiplayer, Store, Browser
  • Direction control D-pad, Thumb stick (2)
  • Released July 31, 2013


  • Game format Downloadable, Built-in game(s)


  • Screen size 5 inches
  • Screen resolution 1280 x 720
  • Screen type LCD (Active, Color, Backlit)
  • Touchscreen Capacitive [finger]

Controls / accessories

  • Direction control D-pad, Thumb stick (2)
  • Other peripherals Video-out


  • Speakers Stereo
  • Audio jack 3.5mm

Media playback

  • Photo viewer
  • Image format support BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Audio playback
  • Audio codec support AAC, MP3, WAV
  • Video playback
  • Video codec support MPEG-4

Networking / online service

  • WiFi 802.11 n
  • Online features Multiplayer, Store, Browser
  • Downloadable content Games, Game updates, TV shows, Movies, Music


  • Internal storage
  • Storage capacity
  • Memory card support
  • Memory card support microSD (microSDHC)


  • USB 2.0 (1 ports)


  • Battery size Rechargeable
  • Battery type Li-polymer

Pricing & availability

  • Availability Available
  • Released (US) July 31, 2013
  • Announced (US) January 7, 2013
  • Original price $299 USD


  • Black UPC: 857905002697
    Amazon ID (ASIN): B00E3667XQ

General info

Product site


Here is what Microsoft gave the teenager has been arrested for the levying of a homemade clock to school

what Microsoft gave the teenager has been arrested for the levying of a homemade clock to school
what Microsoft gave the teenager has been arrested for the levying of a homemade clock to school

it is quite a week for Ahmed Mohamed.

The 14-year-old was arrested this last Monday in his Irving, Texas high school to bring a homemade clock in the class to show his teachers at MacArthur High School. Then he was questioned by police and held in custody for building, what the police as a "hoax bomb."

Mohamed was finally released after the police do not complain. However, this was certainly not the end is how the story went viral on the Internet. Many supported Dr Mahathir's comments inventive curiosity - although some asked, such as "imaginative" clock was - and President Obama even invited the teen to visit to the White House. Mohamed was celebrated as a hero, with other tech leaders like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Box CEO Aaron Levie invited him to a visit to the Silicon Valley offices.

Now, Microsoft shows Mohamed some love. Here is a Tweet from inter alia Salem, Executive Director of the Dallas council on American-Islamic relations, joined, Mohamed during the TV-interviews in the past week.

A flat per 3, a Microsoft volume, a 3D-printer, office 365 subscription, and much more. Not bad, Ahmed.


Finally, you'll soon be able to 'dislike," but' things on Facebook, says Mark Zuckerberg

Finally, you'll soon be able to 'dislike," but' things on Facebook, says Mark Zuckerberg
Finally, you'll soon be able to 'dislike," but' things on Facebook, says Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook finally works on a "dislike" button.

"I think people have asked, the button doesn't like for many years. Today is a special day, because today is the day when I can say, we are working on it and shipping," said Zuckerberg during the Q&A on Facebook's headquarters.

Zuckerberg said that the social network does not immediately Design way because you do not want it to a Reddit-style system of upvoting and downvoting will have.

"This is not what we here in the world to build," said Zuckerberg.

But, Facebook and Zuckerberg have recognized that the people with a view not to downvote, each other, but to have an option, the feelings of others as "May." Zuckerberg quoted moments, such as the news of the recent refugee crisis or even contributions about family members that have died. Users do not want to "how" these elements, but now, have no other option.

"What you really want is the ability for expressing empathy. Not every moment is a good moment," said Zuckerberg.

Facebook has worked there for a while, and it hopes to start it soon, he said.

"It is surprisingly tricky to an interaction, simple," said Zuckerberg.


Rice can actually save your wet phone?

Rice can actually save your wet phone

Put your wet phone in rice will probably not save. But do it anyway

recently, during a weekend in upstate New York, I jumped into a lake with my shorts on. Unbeknownst to me, my ailing iPhone 5S SAT closely in my pocket. At some point during my swim, the phone slipped and vanished. I had no idea where it went to 26 hours later, when a swimmer noticed the phone the reflective Apple Logo winking at him from the lake the muddy ground. He was fishing it out and solemnly presents its soaking, lifeless corpse to me. "I'm sorry," he said.

"Jasmine, grain, risotto, dark, wild, or Basmati, put it in rice"

no matter how weak the perspective of revival, all wet telephone calls the same folk remedy: in rice, my friends were saying. Put it in rice, my parents said, and leave it there for at least a day. Jasmine, grain, risotto, dark, wild, or Basmati rice, put it in. So I did: I found an abandoned box of Uncle Ben's, buried under the grains my phone, put it back in the pantry, and waiting for the rice to work its magic.

In an era of the Genius Bars, man-on-robot Assault and do-it-yourself-handgun drones, the so-called rice Trick feels like a kernel of the ancient wisdom, passed on from generation to generation. You can almost imagine that our ancestors were overcooked your precious, mushy rice in burlap bags a long time ago. But where has the rice trick - and does it really work?

In July 2007, less than a month after the first iPhone was released, a MacRumors Forum member by the name of the jorsuss launches a thread called "I went in the water my iPhone" with a well known fairy tales: "I was the review of the phone, all calls or messages if i, and I went there in the coil." Jorsuss covered, the telephone with rice in what may have been the first documented attempt to use the rice trick on an iPhone. It did not work, but it is a proof that the method exists, before the iPhone, even if the details of the technology were fuzzy - "the rice, cooked or uncooked if he too dry, a water-soaked cell phone?" she asked a user on Yahoo Answers to the time.

A month earlier, in June 2007, Washington Post Reporter threw his BlackBerry in a toilet during the preparation for a date. If he helped his phone (and its date) on the rice trick, it deserves a personal account in the paper along with a letter on Lifehacker: "dry soaked from their gadgets in rice." But the Telefon-Speichern tip before the smartphone - back in 2000, at least a user uses it to help him back on Nokia 5130.

"Is the rice, cooked or uncooked?"

keep digging and you finally get to the most likely source of the trick: for many decades, Rice was used to dry the camera equipment and film in tropical locations. In 1996's Yankee magazine's make it last: over 1,000 ingenious ways to extend the life of everything you own, Earl Proulx writes, "If your camera into a warm, humid climate, a defense of rust and mold by some silica gel desiccant (available from the Kamera-Shops ) in a porous sack and save it with your camera equipment and film ... in a pinch of, replacement uncooked rice." In an article by a June 1946 edition of the popular photography, the author writes that while the silica is the preferred method of the attitude of exposed film dry, tea, brown paper, and rice can also work if your moisture capacity is so low that very large quantities are required to bring about a substantial impact." (People  Have been calling into question the power of the rice trick for at least half a century! ).

Photographer M. Scott Brauer, who has previously shot for the Edge, says he was not aware that the use of rice for the storage of film equipment was a "something", but that he himself has done it. A photographer who shot for the Edge, John Francis Peters, had never heard that the application for the rice Trick said, but it sounded "very interesting."

When the first telephone was immersed into a pile dry rice is impossible to say - but it is an ironic symmetry in the fact that we are still at the method, to our primary photography equipment safe.

So does the trick work? In 2014, ran a semi-formal test that it is not. Of the seven budget desiccant you tested, uncooked rice was the least absorbent, behind cat litter, couscous, oatmeal and instant rice. Unless you are willing to earn more money, so that your phone to air-dry on a shelf, they may be the best option.

Craig architect's office, co-founder of TekDry, a company with "Not electronic device emergency services," says so too. TekDry has developed a stylish machine, is similar to a suitcase and negative pressure and low heat used to distribute active liquids from a properly impregnated telephone in about 20 minutes. In the past year, TekDry instructs consulting group DTJ on research into the effectiveness of rice. "In the experimental measurements, just a little more water evaporation was lost from the marshy device in an open space in the enclosure as in a container of rice", the study concludes. Of course, that the study should be in line with a modicum salt etc. . The research has been fully financed by a company whose business depends on the rice trick as ineffective.

The rice trick, because it sounds right, even if it does not, regardless of the

evidence, the rice trick, because it sounds right, even if it does not: Rice absorbs water; absorb water is the key to save a telephone, so rice save your phone. And each time, when a phone is in a toilet or sink, the trick is re-transmitted, from parents to children, from friend to Friend. Numerous references speak for the effectiveness of the rice. I have my own: I have personally dried my mobile phone in rice a number of times - once I have quinoa. It worked every time. Every time I repeat these stories, which I freely, I contribute, the rice trick of the myth.

The rice Trick has a unique and very powerful feature. The worst thing you can do to a wet phone, turn it on, before it dries completely - This is handy first-degree murder. In contrast to leave the phone on a sunny windowsill, the rice trick the phone out of sight, and perhaps for the meaning. The grains can not guard the device from the destructive forces of water, but the trick works temporarily remove a far more dangerous element: us and our impatient, Tech-driven neuroses. Spending 12 hours, 24 hours, or even a couple of days - depending on the instructions follow - without your phone can be tough. After you view it in plain text is more difficult. We are trying to power up too early, and to kill, something that we need.

But if we believe in the rice trick, we give it is time the work of his magic - time, perhaps the telephone with or without rice. In fact, the rice trick works, because we believe that it works.

Twenty-four hours after I took my phone into the box of rice, I pulled it out, loaded it up, and press the POWER button. I was stunned: The screen lights up and asked me back in my Apple ID. I did, and the entire system will boot properly: The camera didn't work, as well as the microphone and the speaker. Under the Screen, I could see pockets of moisture; and finally, the majority of them will evaporate. Within three days, it was hardly a track, my phone had spent a full day play U-boot. My phone was swimming with the fishes. But it was the electronic living dead. Spooky.

"It was the electronic living dead"

On Monday I braced in that office with my resuscitated the threshold as a modern telephone Dr. Frankenstein, down our throats my own freak of science. A whole day! At the bottom of a lake! My colleagues asked the inevitable question: Do you have it in rice? I have, I said. Of course, you have said, that is the trick always works.

But two weeks later, my cell phone has been slow responding. Then, one evening, they stopped receiving a signal completely, the word "Browse ... " tattooed permanently in the upper-left corner of the screen. I brought it to my provider, where a lady tries to do and the start and restart of the device ad infinitum. After 45 minutes, she turned to me, visibly frustrated. "Sir," she asked me, with a strip of distrust in her voice, "You have this phone wet?"


Watch Disney Animation legend behind Aladdin and Ariel draw in VR

Watch Disney Animation legend behind Aladdin and Ariel draw in VR
Watch Disney Animation legend behind Aladdin and Ariel draw in VR

opportunities are Glen Keane has an impact on you. As an animator at Disney, he brought to life iconic characters such as Aladdin, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and the ever-popular Furry grump, Beast from beauty and the beast. But after almost four decades in the house of Mickey Mouse, Keane left in 2012, in order to discover new ways to live entertainment. His first stop was at Motorola (now Google's) Advanced Technology Group, where he developed the interactive short animated Duet (accessible as part of the spotlight stories app).  But his next attempt is even more exciting: drawing in virtual reality. This is the subject of a new short step in the page, created for the coming future summit of story telling.

The film, directed by Ashley Rodholm, shows how virtual reality allows Keane, his characters to bring to life at last. "If you draw, print them out, something real, visceral," he says shortly. "By selecting a line, it is a kind of barometer of the soul." Instead of paper and pencil, Keane draws life-size versions of Ariel and cattle of the short with a HTC Vive headset and the 3D-painting app tilt brush app (that is now owned by Google).  And rather than just static on one side, he is able to walk around his characters, as if they were fully three-dimensional. Most impressively, the short was filmed on one day, the only documents Keane the second time with the VR-tech. There is much room for improvement.

"In a way [VR makes what happens already in my head a very concrete and practical. It is always VR in my head", Keane, said in an interview. "If I animate, I believe, the sculptural drawing. I try to a sign in the room, so I can prove to you that this is not a flat drawing." While

Keane still has to learn the ropes of the VR, he noted that "drawing in the room felt very strange, and normal." But he added that it would probably take time for us to find out the best way to create things in virtual reality.

"What I realized on VR or AR (augmented reality) is that we are not really to conquer, if we really have time to master the craft, because it is a craft such as sculpture or painting," said Keane. "You can't just find someone who has not held a brush a before and ask them to create the Sistine Chapel ... The tool is, but it is about time and patience."


Iphone 6s to the sport' ' 3D-touch display"

Iphone 6s to the sport' ' 3D-touch display"
Iphone 6s to the sport' ' 3D-touch display"

of the iPhone 6s with a 3D-touch display, a revised version of the pressure-sensitive screen and touch pad current used in the Apple reputation and new MacBook, after the reports.

The new images will be able to distinguish between three modes; tap, a press and a long press to their level of pressure - a further development of the press/Long press the sensitivity of the watch and Mac, 9to5Mac.

Force touch is Apple's method of using a single interface for multiple functions, depending on how much pressure you apply. Force touching an Apple monitor, for example, until the menu to change the face, while force shows locations click the trackpad when using on cards, the preview a file the contents or adds an event to a calendar invite, and so on.
Force the integration into the iPhone touch 6s could be triggered directions to a specified location within a map, or in-depth menu options within Apple music.

Rumours were circulating about the technology use within the new iphone for some time. It is also likely that the new generation of ipad will benefit from it.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are probably will benefit from a new, 12-MP-camera, capable of shooting 4K video, with the camera mounted on the front panel in the location, the inclusion of 1080p videos on 60 fps, 240fps in slow motion mode and Flash support.

The new devices are also expected to be Sport force touch technology that detects how hard the user press and various actions can be performed accordingly. According to reports, the technology will allow Menu "Shortcuts", with which the user options in the menus you can find faster.

One of the most widespread rumors that the new generation of the iphone will see the introduction of a new rose gold-model.

Apple has invitations media at a press conference on Wednesday, 9. September, where the manager, Tim Cook is largely expected to introduce a revised Apple TV Box Set next to the new phone.

The new Box is expected to be with a touch-pad remote control,
 The new Box is expected to be with a touch-pad remote control, extra built in memory and Siri Voice Control for browsing and the selection of programs and movies, in the light of recent patent applications.

The new Box is expected to a TV-optimized version of IOS 9 with an interface and updated for the first time can be opened up to App community with Apple expected to unveil a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows developers to develop applications. Currently, only a handful of third-party programs function on the Apple TV, and the introduction of a SDK and the App Store would increase considerably.

It is also the Homekit, after Apple confirms that Apple TV was connected as a central hub for his household appliances, including ecobee thermostats, lighting kits, and smart sensors.

Apple is also expected to unveil a new, larger "iPad Pro", is aimed at business users.


'Iphone 7' thickness it is likely that iPod Touch

'Iphone 7' thickness it is likely that iPod Touch
'Iphone 7' thickness it is likely that iPod Touch

Iphone 7 thinnest smartphone

KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a new report suggests that, in the coming year, the "iPhone 7" could Apple the world's thinnest smartphone even with a thickness of between 6.0 mm and 6.5 mm, Kuo mentioned above, is a near similar measurement of the current iPod touch is 6.1 mm. As a comparison, the current model of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are 6.9 mm and 7.1mm thick, respectively.

The report also found that the company stick to a similar force touch technology in the coming year the version of the iPhone, due to the heavy time and investment of Apple and its suppliers have in the adjustment for this year's "iPhone 6S" and "iPhone 6S Plus."

Due to this, Kuo believes that Apple it is unlikely that the switch from the cell on glass-to-glass Touch Panels in the next year, what a rumour from Apple's supply chain in Asia in the last week. The KGI-report it says that in-cell panels do not meet with any harsh production bottlenecks, and that Apple does not search for, create an iPhone display with a resolution of 4k or higher, so it is more for the company stick with in-cell panels for the time.

The continued use of in-cell panels were also granted the possibility of producing a Apple iPhone as thin as Kuo proposed 6.0mm-6.5mm size. Although glass-to-glass panels allow the possibility of a Einfassung-Free iPhone, but also limits the possibility for the company to create smaller and thinner Smartphones, so that, if the allegation of a iPod touch KGI-size iPhone is true, it makes the most sense for the company to keep pace with in-cell panels.

You can now buy Star Wars' lovely BB-8 droid and leave that patrol the house at the time

BB-8 Sphero

of this writing, holed up in a small office, I can hear a quiet hum coming and going in the ground. In reality, it is a quiet humming sound followed by a thunk less quiet plastic meets plaster wall, followed by a short break where my phonetics focuses on the emotional various sounds that emanate from my phone's speaker.

This may be the most curious way to "enjoy" a toy is without doubt one of the more passive, but Sphero the BB-8 is not a toy, but that is a very simple robot interpreter of Pixar of aspirations. The droid $149.99 , will go on sale this Friday in Apple's retail stores, Best Buy, and Sphero the own website (don't worry, it's compatible with Android, also).  That's a pretty hefty price, but the BB-8 Sphero offers something few Star Wars toys have been able to remove: captures the personality of the Android, and it says everything to where Sphero wants to push robotics in the future.

If the trailers are designed to create hype of a film, a Star Wars trailer serves to excite a whole platform for multimedia entertainment. From the beginning, the mythos of Star Wars has been equal, with displays of magic and out of the screen. In the ' 70s and ' 80s, is largely dominated by Kenner action figures, and the merchandising of Star Wars but it has remained a massive force, in 2011, the license makes an estimated $3 billion, and this year is about to be unusually large, thanks in large part to the Force wakes up, the first Star Wars film since 2005'S Revenge of the Sith. The new elements of force awakens the trailers? A cross of a lightsaber and a very nice soccer ball with a robot. This is a moment big enough in Star Wars write me that Disney has done a global event of unboxing all tie in the case of toys, an event that is described as "force Friday."

"The War of the galaxies has been always the same film and goods" 

but although this type of dish is perhaps old hat of Hasbro and Lego is a new sense of Sphero. The company was founded in 2010 (then called Orbotix) and has published a handful of products since: the Sphero holder (an orb can be controlled with the phone), the cylindrical building Ollie, and several variations of each, all interesting ideas, but nothing of what has been found the commercial success of general use. With the BB-8 toy, this is all you need to change.

Sphero collaboration with Disney began last summer when he joined the Disney accelerator program. It is a strange movement of a child of four years in the market company products placed on the market, but it is obviously a smart. As creative officer tells us Rob Maigret, one of the mentors of the Sphero was none other than Disney CEO Bob Iger, who has shown great ability for acquisition (read: profitable) talent, including Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. (Maigret was another mentor, joining the company after the program.) At its first meeting, Iger (apparently) showed the Sphero co-founders a image of BB-8 and challenged them to make a working version, which the duo (again, apparently) achievement conceptualize in about 24 hours. (The version in the film, however, is more puppets of robotics.)

Star Wars toys

BB-8BB-8 SpheroBB-8 SpheroIt is not surprising that the basis of BB8 is essentially the flagship product of the company

paint. In addition the biggest liability is the carrier - a piece of plastic with small wheels "connected" magnetically in the orb. (For those who want to be picky, the head is proportionally less than the "doppelgänger" alternates, in the screen.) is a key addition and, like that of the film model BB-8, gives his personality. As John Lasseter classic red animated short the Dream

, which starred a unicycle, having a little joint allows you BB-8 emote in identifiable forms.

As in previous products Sphero, a smartphone is essential in order to interact with BB-8: all the interface (and in fact all the sound effects) occurs through an iOS device or Android. BB-8 can be inaccurate, i dare say "moody" - the way in which it responds to manual driving. This is particularly true when you start; it seems that there is a pre-programd maneuver when it is going backwards for a few seconds too long, as if it is "liquidation" of move (and to be fair, this thing of top speed is very fast).  Once in motion, however, the direction becomes quite intuitive. BB-8 also has several patterns that may trigger, such as the figure eight, but what is even more important is that you can transmit several "emotions" as nodding yes, shaking his head no, and something that either joy or panic, i'm still not sure. Reportedly, you can use voice commands to as well, although we couldn't get it to work in the initial version of the application that we have used.

Then there is no way to patrol. Left to its own devices, BB-8 wanders around the room without a directive. Does not have a camera (once again, the head is only plastic), so for the majority of cases only around until it hits a wall, the pissy act (that is my interpretation at least), and then go to another sense. I would not recommend leaving it on the tables and other elevated surfaces, but if not, it is worth mentioning that the thing has been quite durable so far. (Its effectiveness on a carpet is variable, pending your word tissue of choice.)

Sphero makes a lot of bold statements on the packaging, the main one of which "holographic communication", but which in reality is a augmented reality video - either a X-wing model or some small video recorded with a camera on the front, that you can see the pointer. It is nice, but you'll probably only try it once.

Star Wars toys

But for all the bells and whistles, the BB-8 main directive is really only a ball of cuteness, to make you feel something of emotion and attributed a algorithmically driven device. Even when you re not using BB-8, the droid, look around, as if it is impatiently waiting for you to give it instructions. The first time that I have set in its charging cradle, suddenly began the "look around", twisting and shaking her head erratically as if you are trying to find out their environment. It was a shock to me and some other work colleagues, but this is a new approach of Sphero in personality of their products. "We believe that this is probably the first step for Sphero," said Inspector Maigret, reflecting on the company instead of ambitious goals for the future. "We believe that ultimately there will be a robot in every house, that each one will have a companion."

Maigret knows the dreams are a form, but you can see the very, very soon the roots of the ideas in BB-8. As a new level of Star Wars merchandising, the droid stands out as a convenient and capable.

Sincerely hope there is something fascinating seeing out of their own. I can't say how long it will be the novelty, but i could easily see in the i with the autopilot and to enjoy the occasional catches that makes something rare and beautiful. It is like a cat, in that sense.

"We believe that ultimately there will be a robot in every house that we all will have a companion."

But BB-8 also represents something new merchandising of Star Wars. Without doubt, other matches with the passage of the years have reached or even exceeded the mark of $150, but in many ways, this feels like a different kind of article of luxury, one, perhaps, for the generations that i remember seeing in the cinemas of Star Wars (Original Trilogy or the new trilogy) and have a bit of disposable income now. This is not a static action figure; Sphero the BB-8 is designed to move and emote even when you're not actively participating, which ultimately, is the reason to consider. And who knows? By the time episode XXIV cinemas, perhaps we will have friends autonomous robots. By now, however, it's just a ball of cuteness, a rare interesting ball of cuteness, though.

Point Video: genetic engineering dreams behind their favorite toys


Windows 10 is already installed on 75 million PCs after only four weeks ago

Windows 10

Microsoft released Windows 10 four weeks ago, and now the company is offering a new update of its update. 14 Million machines has been upgraded to Windows 10 within 24 hours of the version of the operating system the last month, and that figure has now risen to more than $75 million in just four weeks. Microsoft has been the deployment of Windows 10 in the form of waves, such as a free upgrade to Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Although it is difficult to compare the exact figures between Windows 10 and Windows 8, Microsoft "sold" 40 million licenses of Windows 8 a month after its debut. Microsoft took six months to reach 100 million licenses of Windows 8, and it is evident that the free Windows 10 it is clearly superior to adoption rates.

"An encouraging start for Windows 10"

Microsoft Windows marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi revealed today, along with some more interesting statistics about Windows 10. More than 90,000 exclusive equipment or tablet models have been upgraded to Windows 10 in 192 countries. That almost all the countries of the planet. The owners have a Xbox Live streaming almost 122 years of game for Windows 10 computers. More importantly, Mehdi has revealed that the Store Windows for Windows 10 has seen six times more downloads per device of Windows 8. This is a good beginning for Microsoft applications universal goal.

While Microsoft has been the deployment of Windows 10 in waves, there are ways to avoid the wait. In fact, there are even methods of clean installation of Windows 10, if you want to remove the cruft from the previous version of Windows update and delete. If you have not yet upgraded to Windows 10, you can read our review here to get a closer look at the last Microsoft operating system.


Users of Android phone warned of the new viruses

Users of Android phone warned of the new viruses

(WIVB) - hackers can exploit any weakness they can find. Depends on you to make sure it is not easy to do. If you have an Android, you should know, more than 950 million of them are vulnerable to what is called the virus', Product.

Truth is, in reality it is not a virus, but the vulnerability could allow a hacker to access all the data on your phone, and the option to copy or delete.

In this case, it does not matter if you are careful not to download applications any suspicion. The virus could reach through an application that are already part of your operating system Android, the responsible for text messages. By default, it processes the incoming messages of the media without asking you first.

"This is to exploit a automatic activation in the phone, and when the phone receives a particular message or of a particular course of action occurs is done automatically, so that when you exploit something that happens automatically, you are aware of this, and therefore a large proportion of the people don't even know that have been exploited by this virus or malicious attack," said Lucas Vanwingerden with USC department of informatics of the North.

However, any operating system from 4.0 and higher allows you to make the correction. In the text messages, open the configuration (by pressing the 3 points on the bottom) and disable Auto-Retrieve . You can also see if you're vulnerable', as a product of the Stagefright Detector App.

users that have 2.0 to 4.0 don't have to wait for the update of the operating system. Since there are so many different phones and carriers, along the time, rather than all at once as with Apple's iPhone.

Best Android picture collage apps for 2015

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When something awesome happens, one of the first instincts any
smartphone-toting individual has is of course, to immortalize the moment
by taking a picture. In most cases, one photo does not do it justice.

These photos then populate various social media platforms, usually in albums
for all your friends and acquaintances to see. Because posting 10
variations on a particularly well-lit selfie might (or anything similar
in theme and composition) might annoy your social followers (and cause
your Facebook friends to shake their heads and click the Hide button), photo collages are a great compromise.

For platforms like Instagram, one of the best ways to summarize a good day in full is through a photo collage, and in order to post one, you’ll need apps that’ll help you turn a photo square into a tiny scrapbook.

In order to help you compose a stunning summary of your memorable moments, we’ve rounded up the best Android picture collage apps that will minimize your social media clutter and allow your followers to get the most out of your posts.


With a very straightforward interface, you can quickly get started on
creating your first collage on PhotoGrid. Like most photo-editing apps,
it lets you edit your photo’s size and quality as well as slap on
effects like filters, stickers, text, and doodles to maximize


PhotoGrid/Jam Kotenko

You can fit as many as 15 photographs into one
collage. The app then recommends layouts for you to use, depending on
how many photos you decide to include. With over 300 available layouts,
it won’t be hard to make your collage pop.

PhotoGrid/Jam Kotenko

PhotoGrid has an added bonus in the form of its
high-resolution export function that allows you to save good quality
images onto your device or post on various social media platforms.

PhotoGrid/Jam Kotenko


PicGrid is a lot like PhotoGrid in the way that it provides a straightforward
user experience. All the editing and effects tools are in one place
(that’s easily accessible at all times), and tapping on any of the
options automatically applies it onto the collage for easier previewing
and redesigning.

PicGrid/Jam Kotenko

And like most photo-editing apps, it lets you save
your finished product on your Android device or import it into other

PicGrid/Jam Kotenko

PicsArt Photo Studio

Like the previously named apps, PicsArt Photo Studio has a variety of
filters, backgrounds, and other effects you can use to make your
collages pretty. The app’s best feature is a seamless photo-editing
function that allows you to tweak photos individually with ease using
various photo manipulation tools.


What makes Pixlr a great option for collage making is how easy it is to
apply effects and preview them in real time. Every menu available has a
bunch of options available so you get to experiment with a lot of

Pixlr/Jam Kotenko

If you're feeling a tiny bit lazy to tweak every
single aspect of your pics, the app also has a great “auto fix” function
that instantly optimizes colors and improves lighting in your photos.
You can tap “compare” to immediately see the changes. Additionally, it
has very useful tools that remove red eye and whiten teeth when needed.

Pixlr/Jam Kotenko

You can also tweak your collage’s proportions,
spacing, and the roundness of your photos’ edges and see the collection
change as you drag the levels, saving you time that’s usually wasted in
other apps when you hit the next button just to preview your edits.

Pixlr/Jam Kotenko

You can personalize your editing suite by marking your favorite effects so they show up ahead of the other available ones.


What actually makes PicCollage different from other photo-editing apps is
you can import your favorite videos from YouTube and have their cover
photos be part of your collage. You can also conduct a web search within
the app for photos you’d like to include as well.


You can double-tap a photo to apply effects, add a
border, duplicate, or set it as the collage’s background. You can also
use the scissors tool to clip the photo and outline your desired area
using your finger.


Doing this to a bunch of photos will maximize the
scrapbook feel of your collage. You can hit the back button to preview
your collage and tap it again to resume composing and editing it.

PicCollage/Jam Kotenko

Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker lets you use photos saved on your device, posted on your
social media accounts, and images searched for on the Web and combine
them to make a collage. It also has over a hundred layouts that you can
use, including the option to create your own.

Photo Collage Maker/Jam Kotenko

Tapping on each photo in the collage will pull up a
quick edit tool bar that only affects the image individually. You can
apply filters, crop using various shapes, apply a border, and mirror
flip the image.

Photo Collage Maker/Jam Kotenko

You can also access more editing options at the bottom of the screen that will change the entire collage simultaneously.

Photo Collage Maker/Jam Kotenko

You can edit a collage after you save it at any time.

Photo Collage Maker/Jam Kotenko

If you're new to the art of editing photos on
Android, our list of the best collage apps should get you well on your
way to photo collage greatness. Just promise us you'll go easy on the

Illustration by Max Fleishman

Steps to Install Audax L Android 5.0 Lollipop Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Audax L Android 5.0 Lollipop Custom ROM

A new Audax L Android 5.0 Lollipop Custom ROM has been released  Samsung's  2013 flagship phablet Galaxy Note 3 LTE phablet .

This new Audax L firmware software is deodexed and is said to increase device performance, the new visual interface, bring more customization options, new shortcuts for easy access to applications and tons of customization options, such as keys:
  •     Kernel Stock XXUGBNL8
  •     Deodexed All apps
  •     Busybox
  •     Rooted with SuperSU
  •     init.d support
  •     New updater-script
  •     Adjustments init.d
  •     Adjustments build.prop
  •     Multi CSC
  •     Bloatware removed and Knox
  •     Aroma Installer
  •     Added Wipe Data election Aroma
  •     Auto Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache-system format before flashing the ROM
  •     UpdateMe Audax
  •     Scroll TouchWiz 5 × 5-dock6 fast Aroma
  •     Audax status bar with Home / lock button and 3Minit Aroma
  •     Status bar with the clock and 3Minit Center in Aroma
  •     3Minit Battery Mod
  •     Note 4 Time thematic Audax
  •     Mods Air Command in UpdateMe Audax
  •     New Settings
  •     Audax Banner Device Information
  •     Toolbox Enabler
  •     Note 4 Smart Remote
  •     Boost Sound
  •     Added Android L Sounds
  •     Added Note 4 Sounds
  •     Added S5 Sounds
  •     Integrated applications (GPS faster, Ad Away)
  •     Set password Wi-Fi
  •     Added call button on Logs
  •     Added call recording
  •     Add camera shutter sound
  •     Activate the camera during the call
  •     Write Fix external SD card
  •    Performance tuning and many more improvements to enhance the user experience

Requirements (Things to consider before installing the custom ROM):

  1. Make sure the device is rooted before going forward for the custom ROM installation
  2. This new Audax L Lollipop Android 5.0 firmware must be installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005) LTE model only; if I tried on other devices, you might get brick [To check your device model: Go to Settings >> About Phone >> model number]
  3. The installation of the custom ROM requires garbage collection on your smartphone, so be sure to back up all data by installing Clockwork Mod (CWM) Recovery / TWRP on the smartphone.
  4. Users, be sure to install the USB drivers on your PC or smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note N9005 3) will not be recognized by the computer.
  5. Make sure your device has more than 80% of the battery or the possibility of getting the smartphone brick temporarily if the installation process is interrupted half way.

Disclaimer: This procedure is very technical and must be performed by a person with a good knowledge of rooting (or manually install software) Android devices. If the installation process step is not followed properly, chances are that the smartphone get brick or permanently irreparable.

Tutorial: Step by step installation procedure Audax L Android 5.0 Lollipop custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE-

Step 1: Download Android 5.0 ROM Audax L Custom Lollipop (HERE) and Google Apps (HERE) on your PC.

Step 2: Connect Samsung Galaxy Note N9005 3 LTE to PC via USB cable.

[Note: Before connecting the phone to the computer, make sure you have installed the USB driver software, if not, click here to download the firmware]

Step 3: Next, place zip Lollipop Android 5.0 and Google Apps .zip file on the SD memory card from the phone. [Note: Users must apply the .zip file to the root of the SD card, not in any other folder.]

[Note: Before installing custom software, ensure that the device must have been rooted and installed ClockworkMod recovery tool.]

Step 4: Now, turn off the power and disconnect the PC.

Step 5: After performing the regular exit recovery mode by holding press 'Volume (up)', 'Home' and 'Power' buttons.

Step 6: After entering recovery mode, delete the phone memory, selecting "delete data reset / factory '.

[Note: Keys to use 'Volume' to navigate and the "Power" button to select options while operating under recovery mode]

Step 7: Now clear the cache by selecting 'sweep cache partition'

Step 8: After back to ClockworkMod Recovery and select "Advanced" and press "clear the Dalvik cache" [Note: This step is optional, but many recommend this procedure so that the user does not boot loops or face other error in the middle of custom install ROM]

Step 9: Once again return to the main recovery screen and then click "install zip from SD card"

Step 10: Then press "choose zip from sdcard" and sees Android 5.0 ROM .zip file on the SD card and enter the installation process. Repeat the same procedure to install Google Apps [Note: Use the "Volume" buttons to navigate and the "Power" button to select options]

Step 11: Once you have completed the installation process, go to "+++++ Go Back +++++" and restarting the device, choose "reboot system now" seen in the recovery menu.

Now your device (Samsung Galaxy Note N9005 3) take a few minutes to complete the boot process.

Then users go to Settings >> select About phone to confirm the installation of Audax L Lollipop v5.0 Android custom ROM.

Soon, wrap your smartphone on the wrist

Soon, wrap your smartphone on the wrist

Soon you may be able to use your smartphone on your wrist or bend your computer to fit in your pocket!

Researchers have taken a step towards more flexible devices by fabricating a thin film that keeps her even when very curved electric and magnetic properties useful.

Flexible electronics have been difficult to manufacture because many materials with useful electronic properties tend to be rigid.

Researchers have addressed this problem by taking small pieces of material such as silicon and embedded in the flexible plastic.

A team of physicists and engineers from South Korea took the same approach with bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) - one of the most promising materials whose properties can be controlled with a magnetic field, and vice versa.

These materials are called multiferroic and attract interest for applications such as energy efficient, instant-on computing.

The researchers synthesized bismuth ferrite nanoparticles and mixed in a polymer solution. The solution was dried in a series of steps at increasing temperatures to produce a thin, flexible film.

When the researchers tested the electrical and magnetic properties of the film they found that their new material did much more than preserving the useful properties of bismuth ferrite more - it actually made them better.

And the improved properties are maintained even when the film curled into a cylindrical shape.

"Bulk bismuth ferrite is crucial problems for some applications, such as a high leakage current hampering strong electrical properties," said YoungPak Lee, a professor at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea.

Mixed bismuth ferrite nanoparticles in an improved polymer leakage current problem, he said, and gave the film, flexible tensile properties.

Flexible Multiferrorics could allow new portable devices such as surveillance equipment health or virtual reality attire, Lee said.

The multiferroric materials could be used in high density, energy efficient memory and switches on these devices, he said.

The research was published in the journal Applied Physics Letters.

Apple pencil for iPad